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Glenn Harris, president of Race Forward and publisher of Colorlines, defined it as "the complex interaction of culture, policy and institutions that holds in place the outcomes we see in our lives."


Examples of this is can be found in all aspect of life, such as the housing market. Black people make up nearly half of the homeless population, despite making up only 13% of the population, according to a Department of Housing and Urban Development report presented to Congress in January. This has to do to redlining. Redlining refers to 20th century practice used by banks and real estate to determine which areas would get loans to buy homes. Neighborhoods which had BIPoC were outlined in red and deem the riskiest. Because of this it was fundamentally impossible for Black or Brown people to get loans. It was a legal way to enforce segregation.

Racism vs Modern Racism 

Racism is often understood thought as blatant over the top hostile behaviors. But over the years its evolved into subtle in many cases almost innocuous behaviors. Modern Racism does not express nor endorse racist views and stereotypes. It believes in greater integration between people. However, modern racists also believe racial equality has been achieved and that we need no further policies to promote equality.

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